Find ease and strength in your body. Live your best.

It’s incredibly frustrating when body aches and pains stop you from doing what you need, or want, to do in your life.

Maybe you’re having a hard time getting through everyday activities because of an injury or chronic condition.

Maybe you’re finding it tough to keep up your active lifestyle (whether that includes working, parenting, socializing, sports or all four!).

What doesn’t help …

Being told this is ‘how it is’ and you’ll have to ‘live with it’.
Being pressured to take medications or undergo surgery you don’t want.
Being strung along with promises of miracle cures that never happen.

There’s no magic pill or therapy that will deliver good health and vibrant well-being for our whole life.

But together we can definitely help you find more ease and strength in your body.

Kimberly Richey Rolfing - Rolfer and clientHi, I’m Kimberly Richey and my specialty is a type of hands-on bodywork called Rolfing®. Yes, it’s a funny name, but what it boils down to is working with you, and your body, to help you live your best.

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