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“Finishing my first half marathon thanks to Kimberly Richey and Rolfing.

After putting in months of training and preparation for my first half marathon I had the unfortunate luck of straining my calf muscle just weeks before the race. I tried everything to loosen it up, stretching, massage, ice, heat, rest, but after 5 to 10 minutes of running it became unbearable and slowed me to a walk.

After hearing about the benefits of Rolfing, I thought I would give it a shot. I had already been to a local place for a “Sports Massage” and had little to no change in how my calf felt. I thought of Rolfing as a more “intense” massage that might make a difference.

Well it definitely was more intense, but not painful. Kimberly and I worked together on stretching the areas of my body that tied into my legs and calf muscles. She then worked specifically on my strained muscle for quite some time. It was a truly great experience and at the end of my session I truly felt rejuvenated.

I went out for an easy jog the next day and felt no extreme pain as before, a little sore, but no pain. As I was at the end of my training I had ramped down from my long distances and the true test would be at the race itself.

Happy to say race day came and I ran the entire 13.1 miles with no calf pain whatsoever!

Thank you Kimberly and thank you Rolfing!”

Aaron Zynczak

“Having first completed 10 sessions of Rolfing I would like to comment on some very positive responses. I had excellent resolution of a 10 year S.I. problem and now have very little pain and that is on rare occasions. Another unusual response which was totally unexpected is that I am now ALOT more symmetrical. My shoulders and hips are now level and the same height. My figure is actually better. I look better. I feel better. And it did not hurt–it felt good!”

Nancy Wyatt, Physical Therapy Assistant