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My office locations/hours:

I offer appointments from the two offices of the Columbia Rehabilitation Clinic.

Columbia Rehabilitation Clinic - Northeast

115 Blarney Drive, Suite 202

(near the intersection of I-77 and Two Notch Road)

Columbia, SC 29223

Columbia Rehabilitation Clinic - Irmo

1 Wellness Blvd., Suite 204

Irmo, SC 29063

Appointment details:

We'll take 60-75 minutes for each Rolfing® session, and the session fee is $120, payable at the time of your appointment.

Treatment approach:

Our approach will be to observe and treat your body a whole, integrated system – because everything is connected, the source of the problem may not be located at the site of your pain or discomfort.

For this reason, the most common treatment approach is a process called The Ten Series. The Ten Series is a series of 10 sessions, generally spread over several months, which is designed to systematically release and realign your whole body for optimal posture and movement.

However, before we decide on any treatment, we'll first talk about how you're feeling, how you ideally want to feel in your body, and whether this is the right therapy for you.

Let's get you feeling better!

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