If you know anything about me, you know my superpower is linking people up to the resources they need to live their best possible life! This Resources page is going to be an ever-evolving place to find local resource and products. Some links may contain affiliate links.

Want to know more about Rolfing?

Ida P. Rolf Institute: www.rolf.org

Local Columbia Area Practitioners:

South Carolina Center for Integrative Medicine: https://www.sccimed.org/

Palmetto Acupuncture: https://www.palmettoacupuncture.com/

Ashleigh Rivers, LMT at Rasa Whole Health: http://www.rasawholehealth.com/

Dr. Shelly Jones, D.C. at Chiropractic Wellness Center: https://www.drshellyjones.com/

Columbia Rehabilitation Clinic: http://www.crcrehab.com/

Want to learn more about Fascia? Nerd out with these articles!

-Strolling Under the Skin Video (not for the squeamish)

-What is Fascia? by Tom Myers (great pics!)

-What You Need To Know About Fascia

Want to make your Rolfing sessions last longer? Homework Aids!


-Yoga Toes: HERE