Structural Integration (also called Rolfing® after its founder Dr. Ida Rolf, PhD) is a form of hands-on bodywork that focuses on the soft tissue connecting your bones, organs and muscles.

Trauma, poor posture and movement habits, and other stressors, contribute to the buildup of tension in the connective tissues, which pulls the body out of its natural alignment and causes further pain and damage.

By releasing these tensions, through specialized massage and manipulation, we restore the natural, optimal alignment and movement of your body.

As we systematically rebalance the structure of your body, it's able to work more efficiently and you'll experience less pain, greater freedom of movement, more strength and flexibility, and a heightened sense of well-being.

The Rolfing advantage

There are many types of therapy is designed to reduce body pain and improve your physical condition. Rolfing is particularly effective in delivering long-lasting benefits because:

It's a whole-body approach: We don't just focus on the area of pain – we observe how every part of your body interacts and treat it as a whole, integrated system.

You are an active participant: We talk about what you're feeling in real time, so we can work collaboratively to better understand what your body needs. Also, because the treatment involves movement (rather than just lying on a table), the improvements we make last beyond our session and into your daily life.


It is not just treatment, its movement re-education: We give you the knowledge and tools you need to move more effectively every day so you can keep your body in alignment and out of pain.

I'm a partner in your health team

We all need to take advantage of the full range of specialists and therapy now available to keep our bodies strong, balanced and flexible.

If you're already using other bodywork techniques, that's great! Rolfing is an excellent complement as it aligns your body to receive the maximum benefit of any other exercise or practice.

If Rolfing is one of your first experiences with bodywork, that's great too. It's a fantastic way to begin learning how to care for your body for ease and performance.

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